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Maple Baked Beans

Maple syrup is very versatile. It's great on top of pancakes, waffles, and ice cream. It can be used as a substitute sweetener but is also good with something substantial, like beans and squash. I probably use it too much, but hey it's all Natural!!

For the last few years, Daniel has been tapping Maple trees and making Maple syrup. With Spring not too far away and Maple season right around the corner, our family is trying to get everything ready to go. What a great early Spring activity and a great product to use all year long.

I wanted to share with you one of our family's favorite recipes using Maple syrup.

Maple Baked Beans

2 cups Navy beans (or a white bean you prefer)

4-8 cups water

1 large onion

3/4 cup Maple syrup

1/2 cup ketchup

1 Tbls mustard

1 tsp ginger

1 tsp salt

1/2 tap pepper

1/2 pound Pork & Plants bacon ends cut in 1/2 in. peices.

Rinse beans and soak overnight in enough water to cover beans, one inch above beans.

Drain beans. Next place beans and 5 cups water in a stock pot on the stovetop. Bring to a boil and simmer covered for 1 hour.

Put the rest of the ingredients in a roasting pan and add the simmered beans and water from the stock pot.

The original recipe says to bake in the oven at 300 degrees for 3 hours. I bake at 350 degrees for 3 hours or longer until the beans are done. Stir every hour and add extra water if the beans are getting too dry, but not finished.


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