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Want to make lasting memories with your children & grandchildren?

5 Helpful Hints To Beautiful Baskets & Containers 
Plus recipes, gardening tips, healthy living,
and be the first to know what is going on at 
 Pork & Plants!

Pork & Plants is more than a greenhouse, it's an experience.


We encourage you to take time to relax and enjoy all the colors and scents as you slowly walk down each isle picking out the the perfect combinations.


Breathe in the warm earthy air that waits just inside our door.


Chat with our knowledgeable staff about transplanting instructions, natural pest control and the best location for your new plants. 


And make sure you share your Pork & Plants story with us!

We offer something for everyone:

  • 1,000’s of pre-made hanging baskets

  • 500+ varieties of annuals

  • 100+ varieties of perennials

  • Bird, bee, and butterfly attracting perennials 

  • Heirloom and hybrid vegetable starts (Non GMO)

  • Over 20 varieties of tomatoes alone

  • Friendly and clean shopping atmosphere

  • Knowledgeable staff

  • Family Owned and operated for over 40 years

Behind the Scenes: From the Greenhouse

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