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Pork & Plants Heritage Farm

Soy-free Pork

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Pork & Plants!

 Do you care about how your food is raised? We do too!

We believe that happy, healthy animals make healthy, nutritious food- which helps you to be happy and healthy, too.

Our soy-free pigs are housed in deep bedded straw and fed grains are grown on our farm using sustainable and regenerative farming principles.  Our 100% grass-fed cows are moved to fresh pasture daily where they enjoy a diverse diet of grasses and legumes.  Our pastured chickens have room to move and plenty of fresh air, grass, and bugs.  

We take care to raise each species as close to how God designed them to be.

All animals are soy-free and non-GMO.

Are you ready to eat your best?

 We have seen the difference quality food sources have made for our family and our customers in healing the body of ailments such as chronic Lyme's disease, gut imbalances, colicky babies, autoimmune disease,  food intolerances, and more.

People have a variety of reasons for wanting to improve the quality of their food.  Whether you want to eat more local foods, get to know a farmer, eat cleaner, humanely raised meats- free of soy and GMOs, we are here to help.

About Us

Ed and Joyce Kreidermacher bought the land now

known as Pork & Plants in 1967.  Ed organized the farm

as a farrow to finish hog operation and Joyce kept

herself busy planting vegetables and many flowers,

always sharing her knowledge and skills with neighbors

and family members.  Each year Joyce's "hobby" greenhouse grew through word of mouth.  Her reputation for quality plants is well known.


Ed and Joyce built the foundations of Pork & Plants.  Their son Eric, and his wife, Ann, now own and operate both the farm and the greenhouse alongside their five children.  Today the farm produces grains, soy-free pork, grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, and more using sustainable and regenerative principles.  From heritage red wattle pork, to the vast selection of quality plants in our seasonal greenhouse, we put our best into everything we grow. 

 Quality products, grown responsibly...

the cornerstone of our family owned and operated farm. 

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