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A Start of a Plan! Part 1

Last fall we were blessed to be able to build a house. With the construction, mud, and our black hills spruce windbreak dying, our yard is in desperate need of landscaping.

I will be bringing you on our journey as we transform our yard. Learning and teaching along the way as we imagine and create a beautiful yard.

While Pork & Plants (Ed, Joyce, and Eric) used to landscape many years ago, I never have. So with Joyce and Eric's knowledge and friends, I will attempt to create a plan.

There is about one acre around our house to design the garden/landscape.

So first things first. What do we want in the yard and what do we want the yard to accomplish?

What do we want in the yard?


-Blueberries and many other edible fruits and trees

-Bonfire area

-Pollinator area

-Must be beautiful

-Learning and demonstration gardens

What do we want the yard to accomplish?

-Low maintenance

-no mowing-where there is not a garden, I want a wildflower/meadow area. This would also, be a great place for the pollinators.

-no watering once established. Through the use of compost, mulch, and diversity to help develop soil health which will take a few years to establish.

-Edible/food forest- the blueberries and other fruit that everyone would like.

-Beautiful and inviting of prayer to our Savior and Creator

-Medicinal plants throughout the garden- I'm a wannabe herbalist so not only healing for the soul, but also for the body.

I am hoping to accomplish this in the next three to five years. This time frame should give me enough leeway for all the unexpected changes in life and not be stressed over getting it finished quickly. After all, it is supposed to be a healing garden.

What do you want from your garden?

Me looking over all the books about permaculture and edible landscaping.


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