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This bundle is perfect for family gatherings, get-togethers with good friends,
or if you love to grill for yourself. Season the ribs or pork chops to your liking, grill
them to perfection, and enjoy! Or just grab hotdogs, and brats, or make some burgers for a faster meal on the grill. This bundle is full of options so everyone can find something to enjoy!

This bundle includes: 3 lbs Ground Pork, 3 lbs Pork Ribs, 3 lbs 1” Pork Chops, 2
packs Hotdogs (7 per pack), 2 packs Brats (4 per pack) (weights are approximate.)

Call or email Eric Kreidermacher to schedule a pickup date and time.

Phone: 507-458-2175

Pork & Plants Grill Bundle

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